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I hope you're having a nice day, friendly traveler of the interwebs!

Hey there, and welcome to my humble corner of the interwebs!

I recently had my job phased out (coming March I’ll be happily unemployed!) and I figured I would use the cozy fall and winter months to learn how to draw. I always wanted to learn that, I never feel as inadequate as when I’m trying to draw something. The page you see above is honestly not half-bad for me, I’m a little surprised if I’m honest - but it’s also the result of five or even ten hours of hard struggling.

I did however learn to enjoy myself a little bit during that ordeal - and that is my goal for after the winter. I want to sit down, draw, smile, relax from a hard day at work and postpone the job search for another day - I’m determined to reach that goal.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little sanity-saver of a comic - and if you want to follow my efforts towards financial freedom you can check out my main site