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I hope you're having a nice day, friendly traveler of the interwebs!

Welcome back! I am actually quite proud to say that I finished the second page of this comic!

I hope you’ll enjoy this little sanity-saver of a comic - and if you want to follow my efforts towards artistic fame I invite you to tag along and have fun alongside me!

For years I never managed to draw a single thing, it is honestly one of the hardest skills I have ever tried to learn. My creativity works in different ways it seems, I am a writer and not so bad with 3D generated content - but give me a pen and I suck at it as much as I suck at drawing.

These results are actually something I am proud of, but it has taken an enormous amount of time to get to the point where I can draw something like this - and I need to take breaks in between to regenerate and avoid being angry at myself.

Anyway, it’s also quite fun to draw and I am currently working on making new characters, you should be seeing them in the next few updates as I establish a ground crew of likeminded individuals for our artist to interact with.