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I hope you're having a nice day, friendly traveler of the interwebs!

Well, Marty, if you look at the author of this post I feel it is safe to say that he won´t be splitting the atom.

I hope you dig this post, I had quite a bit of fun drawing it, and remembering that fall is the time when I rewatch season one of True Detective again. So please excuse me now while I get so damn sick of talking to Ginger like a man.

I figured I would write a bit more about my process behind making comics, and running this website in particular, because it all took me a long time to figure out.

As for the drawing process I went through quite a few stages until I ended up deciding that ProCreate on the iPad offers the best drawing experience, to the point that it makes up for the shoddy process of lettering and speech bubbles. It might be worth doing that part in Photoshop or a similar program, but honestly I don’t like the overhead of working in multiple programs.

The website itself is run through Jekyll, which is pretty technical to wrap your head around but offers a few very nice benefits. The first is that hosting is basically free, all you pay for is the domain name. The second is that there is a very nice comic theme that you can download and adapt, and it offers all the functionality you could need or want. If anything it offers too much functionality.